A Romance, which began to be written one day, outside the customary context. A Eulogy so special, since its creation in 1970, that it has become the signature of a brand. The lines of the story are woven around Zoé, the brand’s Muse. We speak of Inner beauty, of search for Noble raw materials. And, like all the most beautiful adventures, it starts with Instinct. The magic of combinations, the strength of complementarity and Skilled know-how leave their mark through the Charisma of Nino Amaddeo, the creator. Emotion blossoms, the blue star traces a Natural lifeline along the path of an endless narrative journey, Colored in turquoise blue. Totally free and guided by a love of all things beautiful, it Engraves its signature.

Awakening the senses



REMINISCENCE is a story of live adventure, full of passion and boldness.
A story of love to be shared.
All is affect.
All is rich, unique.

Nino Amaddeo and Zoé discovered the first inspirational notes for their creations in the very special atmosphere of London of the late sixties – in the city where anything can happen. At the crossroads of art, among the latest fashions of the Antiquarius center on King’s Road, in Soho and the Portobello market, they hunted for treasures. Mysterious notes of Patchouli perfumed the marketplaces. Jewelry followed the hippie style. This soft and sensuous mixture guided their first steps.

Loaded with new emotions, they returned to their preferred homeland of Juan les Pins, at the heart of the legendary Riviera, filled with history, discoveries, cultures and resources, where countless artists have left their imprint: that of a joyful and eclectic mix, where dreaming and creating go naturally hand in hand.

SURPRISE OTHERS, SURPRISE ONESELF, SHARE... And from this concentrate of emotion, give rise to creation, to REMINISCENCE.


Opened in 1970 at Juan-les-Pins, the first boutique was a real bazaar filled with life and feeling, where everything was created and launched according to the desires of its muse and creator.

Production was simple: they designed their dreams, inspired by their favorites and using the talents of local craftsmen. Everything was done with passion and according to tradition. They searched for nothing; they transmitted, colored their life, perfumed it and shared it.

The boutique featured a fairytale setting and a totally new and eccentric atmosphere, colored in pink, with furnishings in the Art Deco style and draperies conveying a hint of India. An enormous mirror ball reflected the brilliance of this special world, illuminating it with magic.
The doors stayed open in the evening and far into the night. The zest for life was there, to the delight to share.

REMINISCENCE revealed its trademark: the option to dream.

Creating surprise



The magic of encounter and a memory of the intense smell of Patchouli found in London emerge once again in Zoé’s heart.

Everything Zoé "receives", she loves to pass on but always after adding her personal touch. She crossed the path of a "magical alchemist" in Grasse and in 1970, offered REMINISCENCE its first olfactory signature, and Patchouli its prestige.

The precious note gets brighter and more enveloping over time. The right note, which leaves a trace of ineffable mystery in its wake.

And since nothing is impossible at REMINISCENCE, Ambre and Musc were created in the very same year. A strong signature, the oriental family of the "Classics" from where Patchouli would become the brand’s legendary fragrance, its symbol of expertise. The ultimate union between a heady scent and an elegant, eternal memory.


A symbol of the brand’s expertise, Patchouli evokes the ultimate union between a heady scent and an elegant, eternal memory. Its harmony was created in Grasse, the homeland of master perfume designers, using the natural essence of Patchouli leaves.

With woody overtones produced by the subtle combination of Virginia cedar, Australian sandalwood and Haitian vetiver essential oils, this legendary fragrance also features a surprising and luscious amber note, which accents the composition’s original character.

If Patchouli still bears witness to an era, it’s because it lives on in the way rareness does.


A strong signature, that of the oriental family of the "Classics". An incomparable signature with a distinctive particularity: each fragrance is composed of the same notes - Patchouli, Amber, Musk, Vanilla and Tonka Bean -, but with a single note magnified in each scent: Vanille (2012), Tonka (2013).

Expertise meets craftsmanship in search of excellence, to sublimate matter, tame it, quest for the absolute, the quintessence. The theme of the main note gives the fragrance its structure and unexpected particularity.

A composition that rhymes with memory, generosity, femininity, utmost elegance, in the pure French tradition of Grasse.


Constantly in effervescence, Reminiscence ’s creativity is nourished by close contact with local craftsmen. Everything is done "at home": collections in gold are produced at Biot, perfumes in Grasse and pottery in Vallauris. The first jewelry was made in Bakelite and Galalith: everything was a potential raw material and could be playfully used in original ways. To tell the story of REMINISCENCE jewelry is to speak of improbable associations, of hand-painted beads and metal chains, of plastic, wood, amber and rock crystal, of painted enamel. An explosion of hues and textures. A unique style based on desires, encounters and emotion. But only the ones a creator can feel. It mirrors the story of a life and a true, uncompromising approach.

In the early eighties, came the discovery of the world of the Navajo Indians, their traditions and their jewelry. The magical landscapes of the Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, Phoenix. From this encounter, REMINISCENCE adopted the turquoise blue color. It became part of the brand’s life, clothed it and provided a color code. The oriental fairyland world of the boutiques took on a turquoise blue hue, right down to the lava-paved floor. A silver and turquoise jewelry collection was created in tribute to the Navajo Indians. A legendary collection, which has left a strong imprint to this day.


Driven by success, like a dream comes true, the House of Reminiscence introduced this extraordinary world to Paris in a first shop at the heart of the intellectual, artistic and cultural scene on Boulevard St. Germain. The same year, another boutique opened in Cannes (1980), the capital of glamour.

Store windows, participation in trade shows, everything was a pretext to express the brand’s boundless of creativity.

Ever faithful to its origins, Reminiscence created a workshop known as "Les Colonnades" in Cannes in 2001. A team of design enthusiasts gathered around the creators is engaged in a continuing search to enhance, adorn and enthrall women. They love to fulfill the wishes of others without ever defaulting on their standard of excellence.




Filled with a zest for life and the wonder of creating and transforming emotion into jewelry and fragrance, Reminiscence follows its blue star with confidence, from bead to bead.

The jewelry collections are presented like fashion collections, two per season each year. Over 100,000 multi-cultural pieces enable the House to hone its talent and master the creation of highquality costume jewelry.

Captivated by this world, many distributors have become brand ambassadors, and other prestigious shops continue to open throughout Europe.

The essential has been written and still resonates today. Reminiscence keeps in tune with the times because of its values, feelings and passion. The brand is built on a solid basis, which enables it to continue moving forward.


Blue continues to guide the brand life by carrying it to the world of islands, to Saint Barthelemy, to sea depths and the magic of underwater landscapes, mermaids, exotic paradises and their legends. Blue continues to leave its echo in jewelry, in perfume.

In 1996, this new breath of life gave REMINISCENCE its second major olfactory family under the name of REM. The fragrance of warm sand, sea air and sun. A perfume as round ans smooth as a pebble found on the beach. A totally new floral marine signature which continues to be developed with local perfumers in Grasse. The story of REM is made of enchanting memories, of small joys which fill life with light, of that delightfully elusive "something special" which slips through turquoise blue waters.

Combining the memory of the wild salty scent of sea mists with the refined nectar of island flowers, and magically magnifying its exoticism with woody notes of Patchouli and the spicy smell of fenugreek. Accenting its roundness with touches of Madagascar Vanilla and Tonka bean, and enhancing it with the sensual note of white musk.


Although things may seem light and simple at Reminiscence, rigor and stringency are the order of the day. All the fragrances reflect the House’s travel log. There are creator favorites, of course, but, the onus is above all on excellence in the search for raw materials, originality and purity.

Since the beginning, Reminiscence has had a real love of music. It has accompanied and inspired brand development, ever since the seventies rock ‘n’ roll, from the Rolling Stones to Johnny Hallyday and Prince, for whom unique jewelry was designed. The atypical combinations of chains and diamond-cut rhinestones in the LOOK and ANGIE collections (1982) have made them cult items. The ROCKOUTURE collection assembles all the paradoxes evoked by this style on long chains (2008). But capturing the effervescence of the rock years didn’t stop there; it has evolved and found a more contemplative pace which corresponds to a new maturity. The blue star shone with the reggae notes of Bob Marley and paid tribute to him with the JAMMIN collection (2005). Here, delirious long necklaces are adorned with multiple symbols in fluorescent-colored plastic.

Reminiscence grows and celebrates 40 years of existence, while preserving its childlike spirit, its desire to embrace the world, others. It remains faithful to its origins on the French Riviera even if it has crossed borders and continues ceaselessly to look for that special something which is the House trademark, to further expand and develop.

Une signature unique

REMINISCENCE pursues its Story, laced with threads of Passion. It cultivates Curiosity to nourish Creativity, guided by its blue Star.
It turns feeling into Jewelry, wraps it in fragrance and continues to express the emotion of Rare things.